Cuba: Land of Opportunity - Foreword

The war has taught the world more in geography and history than a century of ordinary education would have imparted. It has destroyed many inherited prejudices and shattered the complacency which was shackling the imagination that built up the British Empire.
   As Peace introduces a new era of international comity which will test the bonds forged between the Allied countries, this seems an opportune time to present some simple facts regarding Cuba, a young member of the family of nations, that has stood solidly with the Allies from the outset, but of whom the British people know so little. We have special interests in the West Indies, and there are sentimental and practical reasons why we should have a cordial understanding with our largest neighbour there, nearly the size of England.

To The Memory of Theodore Roosevelt

From whom I was privileged to receive forecasts of  
Cuba's future which have been abundantly fulfilled.

George Clarke Musgrave
Havana, May 14th 1919

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