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George Clarke Musgrave, son of Joseph and Sarah Ann (LeButt) Musgrave, was born at Folkestone, England on May 1st 1874. Following service in the British Army, brought to a premature end by injury and subsequent medical discharge, George Clarke became a war correspondent and journalist, seeing action with the British and American forces in the Ashanti Territories, Cuba, South Africa, China, the Balkans and France. His articles from these conflicts were published in many national and international journals, including: the Illustrated London News, the London Chronicle, the Daily Mail, Strand Magazine, Black and White Budget, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times and the Methodist Recorder. He is also the author of several books, among them:
  • To Kumassi with Scott - 1896
  • Under Three Flags in Cuba - 1899
  • In South Africa with Buller - 1900
  • The Peking Legations - 1901
  • Under Four Flags for France - 1918
  • Cuba - The land of Opportunity - 1919
On June 1st 1900, in New York City our author married Mary Judson Lamson, with whom he had a son, Edwin Lamson Musgrave. The family lived at various addresses in London, Kent and Middlesex, New York and Summit, New Jersey, USA. George Clarke Musgrave died in London in December 1932 and he now lies near his parents in Swanage, Dorset. His life and times are documented in the following transcript from Who's Who in America (1901)

George Clarke Musgrave: Soldier, Author.
Born Folkestone, England May 1st 1874, naturalised USA 1897.
Son of Joseph John and Sarah Anne (Lebutt) Musgrave.
Graduate City of London Coll. & Royal Artillery Coll. Woolwich.
1895-6: Exploration of Imperri Country, Sherbro, Oqua, Bekwai.
1896: Expedition to Ashanti hinterland, with Sir Francis Scott.
1896: War Corr. London Illust. News and Black & White in Cuba.
Commissioned Captain Cuban Army. on staff of Gen. Garcia.
Served with Gen. Garcia, Gen. Castillo and Gen. Recio.
Carried maps & despatches from Gen. Garcia for Washingtion.
1898: Captured, deported Spain, released on declaration of war.
Joined Intelligence Dept. operations US Army, Santiago campaign.
Served with Col. Roosevelt at San Juan Hill and Battle of Santiago.
Wounded twice in field and at the Spanish surrender, Santiago.
War Corr. London Illust. News, New York Times, Black & White.
Received British Medals for Ashantii and Bekwai campaigns and
Special Medal awarded for valour in the field, West Africa.
1899: Attached South Africa field force, Natal Campaign.
Served with Gen. Buller & Lord Roberts, Ladysmith & Kimberley.
War Corr. London Chronicle, New York Times, Black & White.
1900: New York, June 1st, m Mary Judson Lamson.
Author:To Kumassi with Scott, 1896 London.
Under Three Flags in Cuba, 1899, London & New York.
In South Africa with Buller, 1900, London and New York.
Also wrote:Fetish Rule, 1896, Methodist Recorder.
Princess Bryena of Ashanti, 1896, Strand Magazine.
West African Fetish, 1898, Strand Magazine.
Insurrection in Cuba, 1898, Contemporary Review.
Life of Carcia, 1900, Cram's Magazine.
Address: 5 West 83rd St. New York.
Who's Who in America - 1901 (Vol 2)

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George Clarke Musgrave - Cuban Army Captain

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Author's Note
From his birth in 1874 until he answered the Reaper's call in 1932, George Clarke Musgrave’s time in this world carried him through the great challenges and changes of the reigns of Victoria, Edward VII and George V. His life, his travels, his work and his writings, though, were always more closely aligned with the reformers, the heroes, the visionaries and the Empire builders of the 19th century, than with the dour and stifling traditionalists of the 20th. But, dear reader, it is you who must decide whether the soubriquet of "Victorian Adventurer" that he has acquired is appropriate.
   In any event, it is the sad reality that he is no longer here to recount his life and times to you in person. That task has slipped several branches down the family tree to myself and it is with some trepidation, and a fervent desire to be faithful to his memory, that I have dedicated myself to channelling for you the stories of my great-uncle, the fascinating, multi-faceted, complex character, George Clarke Musgrave: author, war correspondent, journalist, soldier, hero and family man.

Adrian Musgrave

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To Kumass with Scott Under Three Flags in Cuba In South Africa with Buller The Peking Legations Under Four Flags for France Cuba - Land of Opportunity